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Our team consists of experienced podiatrists located in Sydney’s Inner West at Belfield, NSW. We have been looking after and managing an increasing number of people’s foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, leg pain, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, children’s feet, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, warts, corns and calluses with our combined experience and professionalism for over 10 years! We are committed to delivering the highest professional standards in general foot health. We aim to put your feet first and help you achieve all the wellbeing and lifestyle benefits that come with healthy, happy feet. For biomechanical assessment and prescription of orthotic therapy, let you and your feet experience our personal and friendly service.


Meet Our Team


Belfield Podiatry has two highly professional, friendly and qualified podiatrists: Mary Shina, and Danielle Plusch. We also have a very enthusiastic and friendly patient relationship team – Joanne Faddoul and Anna Mallouhi.

Pain Free Beautiful Feet


Ingrown toe nails can be very painful and look terrible. You have found the right place for the perfect pain free device.

Healthy happy feet for life


Belfield Podiatry can treat all your foot and nail problems, and provide you great advice about foot health to keep you up and active.

Don’t overlook the Diabetes warning signs

For diabetes, some of the signs for impending foot problems are swollen feet, a change in skin colour, unusual sensations in the toes, cramps in the feet, and open wounds. Early treatment can prevent undesirable effects of diabetes on the feet.



All types of orthoses for all types of foot problems. Proper foot alignment can help alleviate all kinds of foot, leg, hip and back problems.
Often the solution is very simple – orthotic devices.

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The best beginning


Foot problems can make children slow and clumsy, ruining their enjoyment of healthy play. Grasp problems early to give your children a big step forward in life.

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